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Account Book, March 6, 1739 at Presidio Los Adaes, example of Juan de Mora. Mora and the other troops who were often paid in goods in lieu of salaries . Goods included such items as soap, chocolate, sugar, clothing, sombreros (hats), threads, and other items. The significance of this account book and subsequent ones, according to historian Francis X. Galán, is that it reveals the kinds of goods that were often purchased nearby at the French Natchitoches post if not supplied from New Spain, and, whenever the Adaesaños did not receive their salaries or necessary goods in a timely manner, contributed to the motivation for contraband trade with French traders and the Caddos.

Source: Archivo General de Nacion – Provincias Internas, Vol. 182, Mexico City, microfilm photocopy, Box 7, in Mission Dolores Historical Materials Collection, Mission Dolores Visitors Center, San Augustine, Texas.

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