Cedar Point

Idealized Rockport Incised, "Cedar Point" motif vessel. Adapted from Weinstein 2002, Figure 7-20.
Image of Cedar Point.

Crosshatched lines that occur in a band encircling the upper part of a vessel’s exterior are indicative of this motif.  At times the crosshatched band is positioned immediately below the lip, while other examples include an obvious nondecorated zone between the top of the band and the vessel’s lip.  The crosshatched lines are narrow, but somewhat sloppy, suggesting that the clay was relatively wet when the vessel was incised. 

Rare examples of “Cedar Point” have been noted and/or illustrated by past researchers working with Rockport ceramics.  A similar design more commonly occurs on Goose Creek and San Jacinto Incised sherds from the upper Texas coast and on sherds of the type Harrison Bayou Incised from the Louisiana coast and Lower Mississippi Valley.  All of this implies an upper coast “connection” for the motif. 
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