Ayres Point

Idealized Rockport Incised, "Ayres Point" motif vessels with slightly different pendant triangle designs. Adapted from Weinstein 2002, Figure 7-25 and Figure 7-26.
Image of Keeran Point.

This is another motif that has been recognized on Rockport Incised sherds for many years.  It is represented by multiple design elements consisting of a band of narrow, horizontally incised lines that circle the upper part of the vessel’s exterior immediately below the lip, plus a series of pendant, line-filled triangles located beneath the lowest of the horizontal lines.  The horizontal incised lines are identical to those noted above for the “Grassy Point" motif, while the line-filled triangles exhibit three main patterns:  slanted lines, crossed lines, and coalescing lines.  At least one other known pattern, that of horizontal lines within triangles, is not present at Guadalupe Bay. 

The “Ayres Point" motif is present in minor amounts at sites yielding Rockport ceramics.  It is far more common at sites in the Galveston Bay area where it occurs on sherds of Goose Creek Incised and San Jacinto Incised.  It does not appear on sherds farther to the east in Louisiana or within the Lower Mississippi Valley, suggesting that it is principally an upper Texas coast motif.
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