Unclassified lanceolate point from Sub-Stratum 8D. Photo by Lee Johnson, TARL Archives.

Sub-Stratum 8D: Red, White Spotted

Sub-Stratum 8D extends across the front, or eastern, half of the shelter and appears to be the forward extension of the “Plainview” red sands (Sub-Strata 8A, 8B, and 8C), which follow the same general slope. Much of 8D, however, is separated from the red sand deposits at the back by an intrusive Archaic midden, which thins toward the base line and rises up over this stratum.  Within this stratum are numerous small nodules of caliche which give it a white-spotted appearance; no cementing has occurred, however. 

A single lanceolate projectile point with parallel flake scars was recovered from an area disturbed by collectors. It is unusually thick on the distal end, and beveled near the tip. It appears to have been reworked, or repointed. A portion of the base is missing.

Chipped-stone tools include flake scrapers of various sorts, gravers, broken bifaces or knives, a chopper, a gouge, and utilized flakes.  Also, two fragments of worked bone, red ocher, and a mussel shell scraper, similar to a common Archaic type, were found.

Profile of 40-foot wall, showing location of Sub-Stratum 8D, ôRed-White Spotted, beneath a portion of the Archaic midden deposit. Enlarge to see full profile. Photo by Albert Redder.