Parallel Rock Alignments B1 and B2.

Rock Alignments B1 and B2 are parallel lines of smaller rocks located in the southern end of the site and southeast of the house area. As depicted in this line drawing, these rock alignments are very subtle (so much so they do not show well in photographs) with a slight swale between them. These features can be traced horizontally for some distance, and they are interpreted as alignments of stones along both sides of an old roadway. Most of the stones were probably removed from the roadway and piled along its edges.

These alignments become much more obvious as they extend northward and into the corral complex area, where they are designated as Rock Walls C1 and C2. It is doubtful that the southern-most ends of these parallel alignments were ever substantial enough to have served as walls. But we did find more intact wood posts and barbed wire fence remnants here, perhaps suggesting that barbed wire fences were built following these rock alignments. These fences were probably constructed in the twentieth century, at the very end of the Williams family occupation or even after they had left the property.

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