Artifacts with known beginning and ending dates of manufacture are even more temporally sensitive, and this graph depicts the chronology of 26 such items from the Williams farmstead. The items represented in this graph are (from left to right across the graph):

  • Brass rivets made by Hendricks & Brothers (n=7)
  • A Winchester 10-gauge shotgun shell head
  • A wagon brake ratchet made by the Hurlbut Manufacturing Company
  • A broken bottle of Mexican Mustang Liniment
  • Broken whiteware vessel (3 fragments) made by Thomas Furnival & Sons
  • A broken bottle of Paul Jones Pure Rye Whiskey
  • A mattock made by the Douglas Axe Manufacturing Company
  • Broken transfer-printed ceramics (4 vessels) made by the Alfred Meakin Company of England
  • A button made by the India Rubber Comb Company
  • A brass spoon made by Rogers, Smith & Company
  • A broken bottle (3 fragments) made by the Illinois Glass Company
  • A broken bottle (2 fragments) made by the Streator Bottle & Glass Company.

What is most interesting about these temporally sensitive artifacts is that none of them are out of context for the 1871 to 1905 farmstead occupation by the Williams family.

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