Although living in an isolated rural area, the Williamses invested in various furniture to make their log cabin into a comfortable home. These artifacts provide evidence of a bed and a cast-iron stove at the Williams farmstead. Parts of the bed include bed castors and caster inserts (b-d), a bedfast or bedrail hook (e), and bedstead irons that were once attached to the bed frame (f and g). Two smaller rollers (a) from an unknown piece of furniture were also recovered. Many pieces of a cast iron stove were found, and three are shown here. One is a small fragment of a stove door with a decorative design (h) and two are large pieces representing a stove leg and a burner plate from a two-burner stove (i and j).

The presence of stove parts at the farmstead is interesting. The Williamses probably used their rock chimney fireplace for heating and cooking for many years, but at some point they invested in a cast iron stove. Purchasing such a stove would have been a big expense, but it would have been more efficient for heating and cooking and made life much easier.

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