When Ransom Williams acquired the land in 1871, his work was cut out for him. Building the house, outbuildings, pens, fences, and other tasks required a variety of tools to ensure that the job was done efficiently. An assortment of construction hand tools were recovered from across the site, with most being found around the family's home. Tools recovered include (a) a claw hammer, (b) various auger bits for drilling holes, (c) a wrench, (d) an assortment of files, (e) saw blade fragments, (f) a draw knife, (g) a rock chisel, and (h) a modified axe head. Each of these tools helped to finish specific tasks, but many were likely used in other tasks, like the worn axe head that was transformed into a wedge. Another tool that saw a lot of use was the rock chisel. The stone fireplace was constructed of hand-hewn blocks from the surrounding countryside, and this chisel, as well as the hammer, would have been a primary tool used for squaring the construction blocks.

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