Other farming implements were found at the farm, including pieces of equipment pulled by horses or mules. Segments of drive chain (a) from what appears to be a corn planter were recovered from excavations. At least two different sizes were recovered but may belong to the same planter. In order to till the land, some form of plow was needed. A plow on the Williams farmstead is evidenced by a single plow jointer blade (f). In order to attach the farm machinery to the draft animal, a clevis was used; in this case a clevis pin wrench (b). This multifunctional tool served to keep everything in place while also serving as a tool for tightening various nuts and bolts on the machinery. Items c, d, e all belong to a cotton scale. These parts are the hanger hinges (d), the hanger hook (c), and a 1-pound scale counter weight (e). Item g is a cotton bale tie made of iron, used to secure a metal band around a cotton bale. It is one of two found at the farm, and these were identified with the help of two older west Texas farmers and by comparison with a US patent drawing. These ties are the only definite evidence that Ransom Williams grew cotton as a cash crop.

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