In addition to the ammunition, parts from several different firearms were also recovered. These include a single hammer (a) and a breech plug (b) from a muzzle-loading shotgun, and these parts could be from the same gun. A trigger guard (c) from a Flobert rifle was also found. The Flobert rifle was a small-caliber, single-shot rifle that was quite inexpensive and would have made a good starter gun for a youngster. A brass butt plate from an Enfield rifle (d) represents the oldest style of firearm in the assemblage. The Enfield saw widespread use in the Civil War, and the large surplus would have made this a relatively inexpensive large-caliber rifle after the war. The last two objects in this image represent firearms tools: (e) a nipple wrench used to unscrew the nipple from the lock plate of a percussion shotgun or rifle; (f) is a small folding screwdriver set that would have been used to disassemble and repair firearms.

When all of the ammunition and gun parts are considered together, it appears that these items represent a minimum of 10 different firearms. This diversity is enough to make one wonder if Ransom Williams may have been a self-taught gunsmith, perhaps repairing firearms as a source of outside income.

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