Some of the bottles had partial or complete sets of identifying marks that revealed the bottle contents, the company that manufactured the bottle or its contents, and the locations where the bottle or contents were made. The four bottles are: (a) a bottle fragment consisting of two refit pieces of a patent medicine panel bottle that is marked "[M]OR[L]EY BRO[S] / AUSTIN / TEXAS;" (b) a panel bottle with a portion of the Morley Brothers' mark; (c) a panel bottle with one panel marked: "FORBES DELICIOUS FLAVORING EXTRACTS MADE BY FORBES BROTHER & CO ST. LOUIS;" and (d) a panel bottle with four panels marked "FEMALE REGULATOR / WOMANS BEST FRIEND / BRADFIELD'S / ATLANTA, GA." This product was marketed toward women to aid in relief from certain female discomforts.

A total of seven Morley Brothers bottles were found at the farmstead, and they were made for the Morley Brothers Drugstore located on Pecan Street, now 6th Street, in downtown Austin. The contents of most of the Morley bottles are unknown, but they probably contained some form of medicine. One bottle fragment has the name WONDERFUL EIGHT embossed on it, which was a medicine produced by the Morley Brothers out of their patent medicine factory in St. Louis, Missouri. Morley's Wonderful Eight bottles have also been found at other historic sites in Austin, such as the excavations at the downtown Austin Convention Center and at the Lamar Street Dump site.

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