Buckles were used on a wide variety of clothing, including pants, vests, and shoes. This illustration shows some of the clothing buckles found on the farmstead: (a) a small shoe buckle with its tongue missing; (b) a small two-piece iron buckle, perhaps for a small belt; (c) a three-prong, nickel-plated buckle, probably from a vest or pants, and (d) a two-piece iron buckle, probably used for tightening the back of a vest and pant (the drawing (e) provides an enlarged view of this type of fastener). The last two objects are shoe buckles that probably came from a pair of overshoes used to keep dust and mud off work boots and shoes. The latching band (g) would be run through a slot in the small buckle (f), and then clamped down to hold the overshoe flaps together.

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