One important group of artifacts related to clothing and personal adornment is jewelry, and this image shows most of the jewelry items that were recovered from the excavations. Some items are rather plain, but a few are quite ornate. One brooch (a) appears to have been plated with silver or nickel. It has a twisted metal bar that looks like a rope and is coiled into an elaborate figure 8, with one clear and two green glass jewels and one empty setting where a jewel fell out. A small shell or mother of pearl charm or pendant piece (b) is a long pointed oval with a series of engraved lines. A small scarf or blouse pin (c) has an empty jewel setting in its center. It appears to have been plated with a white metal, but the plating is mostly worn off. The last two items are a fragment of a pendant (d) and a clear glass faceted jewel (e). The latter has two holes on either side of its center, presumably for attaching the jewel to some setting.

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