Various types of alcohol were undoubtedly consumed on the Williams farmstead, as evidenced by fragments of 11 liquor and 2 beer bottles. In addition, one brown glass fragment (shown here) has an embossed shoulder label that denotes the specific brand and type of liquor. This fragment was from a bottle of Paul Jones Pure Rye Whiskey, made in Louisville, Kentucky. This mark dates the production of this bottle to 1887-1893.

As a side note pertaining to the use of alcohol, prior to the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, the U.S. government had very little control of the production and regulation of what were known as patent medicines. Thousands of different miracle cures were packaged and sold across the country, and they were advertised as tonics and elixirs to heal almost any imaginable ailment. But one of the main ingredients in many of these products was alcohol. Many consumers who regularly used patent medicines were consuming fairly large doses of alcohol.

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