Many kinds of small objects are classified as personal items, including pocketknives, eyeglasses, and money. Iron parts of folding pocketknives were found at the farmstead, and these include two nearly complete specimens with intact bolsters and blades; one was folded (a) and one unfolded (b). These are missing only the decorative handles, and those were probably made of wood. Many other pocketknives are represented by only blades (c) and bolster fragments (d).

At least one member of the Williams family probably used eyeglasses to help them see. Two eyeglass lenses (e) were found and they are nearly identical in size and shape and could have come from the same pair of glasses. The lenses are also too scratched and weathered to determine their magnification, but they may have been reading glasses worn by Ransom or Sarah to help them see as they got older.

A single coin (f) dating to the Williams occupation also was found. It is an 1877 "seated liberty" dime, and it was found in an unusual context directly in front of the fireplace, likely under the wooden floor. It is unclear how the coin got there, but there are three likely scenarios. (1) It could have been lost there early in the occupation when the house had a dirt floor. (2) It could have been lost and fallen through the floorboards later in the occupation. Or (3), the coin might have been intentionally placed in front of the fireplace for some symbolic or spiritual reason (similar to the placement of the dart point in the chimney's firebox). The year 1877 does not seem to have any obvious family significance (there is no evidence that any of the children were born that year) or the construction of the house (the house was probably completed before 1876). If it was dropped accidentally, the monetary loss was significant but not devastating. The loss of a dime in 1877 would be the equivalent of losing about $2.08 to $15.60 in 2012 dollars (depending on whose estimates one uses). In 1895, that same dime could have purchased a nice, two-bladed boy's pocket knife.

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