Taken in 1935, this photograph shows a wood stove, hearth, and fireplace mantle inside an old log cabin in Lauderdale County, Alabama. The image was taken as part of the Historic American Buildings Survey, a program designed to help document rapidly disappearing historic buildings. This photo shows a variety of objects that would have been used or kept near the fireplace, including fireplace tools and a wood rack in the firebox, a cast iron cooking pot next to the ashes, a clothes iron, a chair and large stoneware jar, and a coffee pot on the wood stove. Items on the fireplace mantle include a clock, a box of matches, and several small bottles and containers. The calendar on the wall near the fireplace advertises a local drug store and a nationally-marketed product called: "Cardui, A Purely Vegetable Tonic" for women. The number in the photo is for the Historic American Buildings Survey(HABS) catalogue system. Image from Library of Congress. HABS ALA,39-FLO.V,320.
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