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Give Us Your Feedback

Teachers: Please share your wisdom and classroom experience with us so we can continue to improve Texas Beyond History as an educational resource. We invite your comments, criticism, and suggestions for changes or additions to the lesson plans, children's activities, or other materials on the website. Please contact TBH Education Advisor Carol Schlenk at, or TBH Editor Susan Dial at We would really appreciate your help!

Here is what we would like to know:

Tell us about you: name, grade level, school, school district.

Which teaching resources on TBH have you used? ( lesson plans, kids learning activites, etc.)

How did your class(es) react to these resources?

What problems (if any) did you encounter on the lesson plans? (Please list problems along with title of lesson plan or learning activity.)

What other content areas or skill sets would you like to see covered on Texas Beyond History?

Other comments and suggestions?

Teachers: We Want Your Creative Lesson Plans

Have you written interesting curricula related to Texas' cultural heritage that you would like to share and see published online? Texas Beyond History invites contributions from professional educators at K-12 levels. By using the contributed ideas and materials of teachers from across the state, we hope to provide a richer and more diverse resource for students learning about Texas history. Lessons may be related to Language Arts, Art, Math/Science, or Social Studies and should use TAAS/TEKS/TAKS objectives. Send your ideas/lesson plans to Carol or Susan at the email addresses above. if we use your materials, you and your school will be fully credited.

We're Looking for a Few Good Classrooms

Would your students like to serve as "Beta-testers" for some of our lesson plans or Kids' activities? Our objective is to provide resources that are interesting, useful, and above all, workable. If you would like your class to test new materials (or current materials) from this website, just let us know.

The process in itself is a useful learning experience for the students and requires their filling out a student's feedback form. After successful completion of the exercise, your class will be featured on Texas Beyond History New and News. Just contact Carol or Susan via email (see above).