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Arms and Munitions

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Cannon balls

It was evident from the store of weapons onboard the ship that La Salle and his colonists came prepared for combat at sea as well as hunting and fighting—if necessary—after the colony was established. Pirates roamed the seas during this time of global expansion and trade, and Native peoples did not always engage peacefully as Europeans moved into their territory in the New World. Major weaponry included three identical brass cannons (one of these was the 1995 discovery made during survey of the bay), as well as a deck-mounted swivel gun, and pieces of some 30 flintlock muskets. There was a store of iron shot for the cannons, lead shot (270,000 pieces) and gunflints for the muskets. A quantity of gunpowder was contained within small casks.



Sword hilt and chape

Musket plate


Pole arm

Swivel gun


Wooden apostle