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Brass containers

Pewter tableware

A number of items packed in La Belle's cargo holds were basic necessities required for everyday life in the colony. There were quantities of ceramic containers for storing and serving food, beverages, and medicines; tableware such as pewter bowls, cups, plates, and porringers; and glass bottles of wine and brandy, some with screw caps, traced to the Dutch and East Indies. Bolts of fabric and clothing had disintegrated to small fragments of textiles, shreds of yarn, and buttons. There were also supplies for construction and other work—carpentry tools, measuring weights, coiled brass wire, iron bar stock, and coiled rope. A quantity of tools for various trades was found packed in an intact box (see Uncovering the Mystery Chest for more details).

Pottery containers

Pottery containers


Augers and Gimlets



Animals and Insects


"Onion" Bottle

Cooper’s axe