Imagine It!

What's For Dinner?

Hey, Kids! Have you ever wondered what people ate thousands of years ago? Some of it's pretty WILD!

For starters, there were no hamburgers, pizza, or other fast-food favorites. The prehistoric plate was filled with wild plants and meats from nature's "grocery store." Some of it took hours to dig up and days to cook. Some had to be picked off thorny bushes. Some you had to hunt down and kill! Some was just plain gross by today's standards!

Getting hungry? Click on the Food Wheel and check out the groceries of the past. Or take a look at prehistoric cooks in action! Just click on each image. Go on, dig in!

prehistoric grocery store
Nature's Grocery Store
Food Wheel
Food Wheel
a thorny subject
A Thorny Subject
prehistoric kitchens
Prehistoric Kitchens
hot rock cooking
Hot Rock Cooking
Blowing in the wind
Blowing in the Wind

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9 September 2002

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