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Jacques Nicolas Bellin 1764

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Suite de Cours de Fleuve St. Louis

Detailed and attractive map by the leading French hydrographic cartographer of the mid-18th century showing the lower Red River and the upper part of the lower Mississippi valley. The map shows Los Adaes (Adayes), which is depicted on a hill top. The inset shows an enlarged detail of the French settlement of Natchitoches. Translation of part of the map's inscription:

The Red River is quite difficult to ascend, especially in low water, but in high water one may go anywhere; along its banks are many lakes and submerged areas. This river is full of alligators and has a great many fish in it. Its banks abound in wild animals, such cattle, bears, tigers, wolves, harts, and deer. There is also a large amount of game such turkeys, geese, bustards, swans, and ducks of all kinds, and all sorts of wild fruit trees and vines that bear muscats and other grapes.

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