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Site Exhibits

Aldridge Sawmill

Alibates Flint Quarries and Ruins

Arenosa Shelter

La Belle Shipwreck

Bonfire Shelter


Buried City (see Plains Villagers special exhibit set)

Camp Bowie Burned Rock Middens

Camp Ford

Ceremonial Cave

Choke Canyon Hunter-Gatherer Life

Cueva Pilote

El Paso Missions

Falcon Reservoir Spanish Ranches

Firecracker Pueblo

Forts: Clark, Davis, Griffin, and McKavett (see Frontier Forts special exhibit set)

Fort St. Louis

The Gateway Missions


The Gilbert Site

The Graham-Applegate Rancheria

Granado Cave

Guadalupe Bay

Guy Town

The Haas House

Hank's House (see Plains Villagers special exhibit set)


Hinds Cave

Hinojosa Site

Honey Creek Site

Horn Shelter

Hueco Tanks

J.B. White

Kincaid Shelter

Lake Jackson Plantation

Lake Naconiche

  • Investigated Sites
  • Woodland Period Settling In
  • Caddo Transformation
  • Naconiche Caddo Florescence
  • Teachers
  • Caddo Involvement
  • Credits & Sources
  • La Junta de los Rios

    Landis Project

    Lower Pecos Canyonlands

    Los Adaes

    Lubbock Lake Landmark

    McFaddin Beach

    McKinney Roughs

    Madera Quemada

    Mission Dolores

    Mission Espíritu Santo

    Mission San Sabá

    Mitchell Ridge

    Morhiss Mound

    Upper Nasoni

    Osborn Farm

    Pavo Real Site

    Pine Tree Mound

    Presidio San Sabá

    Ransom and Sarah Williams Farmstead

    Red River War

    Richard Beene Site

    Rubin Hancock Farmstead

    Sha'chahdínnih (Timber Hill)

    Varga Site

    Waco Lake

    Wax Camps

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    Special Exhibits

    Stone Cairns of West-Central Texas

    Learning from Cabeza de Vaca

    Ethnobotany of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands

    Plains Villagers of the Texas Panhandle

    Tejas: Life and Times of the Caddo

    Frontier Forts

    Stone Tools of Texas Indians

    Spotlight on Artifacts and Analyses

    Geometric Morphometrics and Clovis Points: Searching for Behavioral Patterns

    Plains Indian Ledger Drawings

    Archeomalacology: Learning from Snails

    Prehistoric Texas

    Coastal Prairies and Marshlands

    Plateaus and Canyonlands

    South Texas Plains

    Trans Pecos Mountains and Basins

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