This graph depicts the chronology of 128 items with known beginning dates of manufacture in the Williams farmstead assemblage. The majority of temporally diagnostic artifacts were manufactured just prior to or within the 1871–1905 occupation period, which fits well with all the historical evidence and allows for some artifact time lag.

The earliest items in the assemblage are seven brass rivets made by Hendricks & Brothers beginning in the 1830s, but the company was in business for a long time and these rivets with this distinctive mark were made up until 1861. The most common diagnostic artifacts that were manufactured after 1865 are brass cartridge cases, which were becoming common before the end of the Civil War. Many of the farmstead specimens have diagnostic markings, but the munitions manufacturers often made the same cartridge and used the same markings for many decades. The conclusion here is that even these items with beginning manufacture dates prior to 1865 do not contradict the occupation span for the Williams farmstead.

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