TBH Lesson Plan

Lesson Title:
Rock Art Caves

Subjects: Social Studies, Art

Grade level: 4

Rationale: Students use the Internet to learn about rock art and the raw materials used to create them. Students work together in small groups to create caves for other students to explore in the classroom.


Lesson Duration: One class period

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS):7th Grade
Social Studies



Step 1: Show students several examples of rock art: Rock Art of Texas and the World.

Step 2: Students explore the interactive: “Make Your Own Rock Art!” on Texas Beyond History to learn how prehistoric peoples created paint pigment and brushes using materials found in nature.

Step 3: Divide students into small groups and give each group several large sheets of brown paper and colored markers. The groups cover the “cave walls” with their own rock art designs.

Step 4: Tape the sheets of paper over desks or attach to the wall or bookcase to make a “cave” for each group. Rock art designs should be inside the cave.

Step 5: Groups explore the different caves and try to learn something of the culture portrayed by the rock art.

Student Product:Paper cave drawings

Extension Activity:

Author: Michael Whalen

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