Credits & Sources

World of the Caddo was written by TBH Co-Editor Susan Dial drawing on a variety of sources, including those listed below. Images were provided by a number of contributors, including Nola Davis, who painted many of the scenes as murals for Caddo Mounds State Historic Site. They are used here courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. George Nelson painted the realistic village scene shown in the "Village Life" section. It is used courtesy of the Institute of Texan Cultures, San Antonio.

Illustrator Christy Stallop developed and contributed the view of a Caddo house interior for the section, "Step Inside a Caddo House." Jerry Sullivan, former exhibits planner for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, took many of the photos documenting the modern construction of a grass house. Numerous photos were made available by Caddo historian Cecile Elkins Carter and anthropologist, Dayna Bowker Lee. Logan McNatt and Todd McMakin of TPWD and Bob Skiles of the Texas General Land Office provided helpful comments on Caddo house-building. Lee and the State Arts Council of Oklahoma contributed audiotape of Caddo drumming songs.


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The website of Caddo Mounds State Historic Site, maintained by the Texas Historical Commission. Here you will find instructions on how to reach the park in Cherokee county as well as a schedule of events and area activities.

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