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Tableware and Containers

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French green-glazed ware 


Ceramic sherds, representing dishes for food and containers for storage, were perhaps the most useful indicators of French, Spanish, and Native presence at the site. Unlike metal artifacts, which typically were rusted, fragmentary, and difficult to assign to a particular culture, many of the ceramics were distinctive and even could be traced to a particular region of France or Mexico. In this collection of more than 60,000 sherds, we see remnants of the plates, cups, bowls, and other containers used over time by the French colonists, the Spanish soldiers, and the Karankawa Indians as they prepared and ate their meals in this wilderness setting. Enlarge each image for more details.

Decorated French faience ware

Mission Indian ware

Mexican majolica

Mexican coarsewares

Karankawa pottery  

“Mystery sherd”

Apothecary jar

French stoneware

Oriental porcelain 

French coarseware

Footed vessel


Wine bottle seal