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Francisco Álvarez Barreiro 1728

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Plano Corographico e Hydrographico de las Provincias ... de la Nueba España

Álvarez Barreiro was a military engineer and a trained mapmaker charged with compiling a series of maps documenting northern New Spain. In 1726-1727 he accompanied Brigadier Pedro de Rivera on an official inspection of the presidios and missions of the Province of Texas, as part of a series of inspections across northern New Spain that lasted from 1724-1728. The resulting map is based on considerable first-hand knowledge and is said to have been highly valued for its completeness by the Spanish king. Finished and first published in 1728, this map is best known from the 1770 copy shown here. Original in the British Library.
Map image: Copyright © The British Library; All Rights Reserved; Additional MS. 17,650.b.

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