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Credits & Sources

photo of John Ippolito
John Ippolito

Aldridge Sawmill and the East Texas Logging Bonanza exhibit was developed from reports by John Ippolito, Velicia Bergstrom, and other staff members with the USDA Forest Service and the Passports in Time Program (see below for citations). A critical reference for their work was Sawdust Empire by Robert Maxwell.

Images for the exhibits were provided by the Center for American History at the University of Texas at Austin, the USDA Forestry Service, The History Museum at Diboll, the East Texas Research Center Forest History Collection at Stephen F. Austin State University, the Texas Forestry Museum at Lufkin, the Texas Department of Transportation, and Texas A&M at Dallas (Native Trees of Texas Database).

photo of Velicia Bergstrom
Velicia Bergstrom

TBH Co-Editor Susan Dial created and edited the exhibits and, along with Contributing Editor Steve Dial, contributed to the writing. Education Advisor Carol Schlenk wrote and designed the teaching curriculum. Webmaster Meg Kemp brought the exhibit online and created the colorful collage of images on the introductory page. Texas General Land Office archeologist Bob D. Skiles and Jonathon Gerland of The History Center in Diboll, Texas, served as exhibit reviewers. Financial support for the exhibits was provided through a grant from the Temple-Inland Foundation and support from the Friends of TARL.

John Ippolito is Forest Archeologist for the USDA National Forests and Grasslands in Texas, and Velicia Bergstrom is Forest Heritage Program Manager at Kisatchie National Forest, Pineville, Louisiana. She formerly served as Assistant Forest Archeologist for the USDA Texas program and was responsible for overseeing investigations and reporting for the Passports in Time project at the Aldridge site.

Historical overview of the lumber industry in East Texas in the Handbook of Texas Online.

East Texas Digital Archives
Extensively annotated and illustrated descriptions of archives and collections at Stephen F. Austin State University including the East Texas Research Center, Steen Library,and the Forest History Collection.
Website of the Texas Forestry Museum in Lufkin. The Museum offers a historic look at early logging, lumberjacks, sawmill towns, and the development of one of Texas' oldest industries—wood products. Visitors will find a full-sized logging locomotive, loader, and caboose; a forest fire lookout tower; early equipment used to haul logs and make lumber; and other relics from logging's early years.
The History Center in Diboll, Texas, is a new public history and archives center that collects, preserves, and makes available the history of the region for educational use and for researchers. In addition to manuscripts, business and local government records, maps, newspapers, oral histories, books, and more than 200,000 photographs, the center has interpretive exhibits inside and on the grounds.
Website of the East Texas Historical Association
National Forests and Grasslands in Texas, USDA Forest Service.
Texas Historical Commission's Texas Forest Trail website offers an events calendar and a search engine to explore information on historic sites in the region.
Texas Historic Sites Atlas includes an Historic Sawmill Data provided by the Texas Forestry Museum. See the entry for the Kirby Lumber Company at Aldridge or use the "quick search" function to see entries for other East Texas sawmills.
Website of Project Learning Tree, an environmental education program designed for teachers and other educators with students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12. Teachers can download curricula, such as a region-to-region environmental "exchange box." Sponsored by the Texas Forestry Association and Texas Forest Service.
The East Texas Historical Association site offers information on club meetings in Nacogdoches as well as newspaper articles on historical topics.
The website of the Center for American History at the University of Texas at Austin. The center has extensive document and photograph collections pertaining to Texas history, including a large archive on East Texas.
"Tejas: Life and Times of the Caddo" is a vividly illustrated thematic educational exhibit on the ancient and modern Caddo Indians, the first people to "log" the East Texas forests for poles for their dome-shaped houses and the people who gave Texas its name.
"World of the Caddo," a children's educational exhibit on the Caddo, in five sections. See "Living in Grass Houses" for more on how the Caddo cut pine timber and constructed their enormous houses and temples using stone tools.

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